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The High-speed Rail Program

Abolish it and put the money towards water infrastructure or give it back to the people through tax breaks.

Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to build twin tunnels in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

NO !

1.Water agencies should have their water rights protected

2.Incentivize technology: nuclear/methane desalination

3.Funding for storage

4.Equalized state representation

5.Policy protecting private property & groundwater from state oversight


Keeping it illegal helps fortify the collective norm, which unifies society, and sends a message to youth that it is unacceptable and not beneficial to the community and state to intentionally impair themselves physically and mentally.


I would cut expenditures in any of the state’s 500 agencies first before proposing taxes. Then , the money should be redirected : Taxes stay local! Communities best address their needs, from social to infrastructure and they need their revenue.

Social Service Programs in California.

Local organizations (i.e. non-profits) provide the most effective and efficient solutions to social needs. They can be strengthened by putting more discretionary money in the taxpayer’s pocket by cutting state agencies, taxes, fines and fees.

Gun restrictions: Do you believe California’s gun policy should be more or less restrictive?

With felonies becoming misdemeanors, we will have more criminals on the street. This will encourage and promote criminal behavior. The best solution is to let the people arm themselves according to their comfort levels with appropriate training.


Everyone knows the state of California has road, bridge and transportation issues, but did you know that gas revenue has doubled over the last 15 years (Legislative Analyst Office)?! The problem isn't a revenue problem, it is a spending problem! As a state assemblyman I will work to reduce expenditures to improve our roads and bridges without additional taxes! Right the state in 2016. Vote Hydrick for Assembly. ... See MoreSee Less

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Any questions from anyone regarding my campaign or positions on state issues etc.? Be happy to answer any questions. I'm an open book and want the best candidate to win. It is important we start turning CA around for ourselves but our posterity and the rest of the nation, too. ... See MoreSee Less

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